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Welcome to Amanda's Childcare, we are a South Shields home based childcare service who offers affordable childcare for your little angels. My name is Amanda Carr Brown, I work alongside my daughter who is also my full time assistant. I have been childminding for over 14 years, and i'm a South Tyneside Stanley accredited local pacey registered childminder, i'm also ofsted and Morton Michel registered. I always promote positive relationships with parents and carers and knowing that you are leaving your child with me is a big step for both parnet and child. It will and does take time to adjust, so we provide a settling in period. It is very important for a smooth transition is introduced. I mostly encourage at least a one week settling in period for a couple of hours a day before you leave your child for there first full day, doing this will allow your child to have the chance to see how it all works and for us to learn about one another. However I do understand all children are different and may settle in better using different methods. It is up to you as the parent to make the final decision on how you would like to introduce your child into my setting period.


On your intial visit I would reccomend that you stay for the duration which enables us to assess the mindset of the child within home environment, during subsequent visits we recommend you leave your child with us for longer periods of time allowing them to adapt easier into a familer surrounding when before your daunting first full day arrives. We recommend that you gradually increase the length of time you are away until your child is comfortable within our care. For more information on how we work please browse around our website where you can find out more about me and what we get up to and how to contact me.

About Amanda's Childcare South Shields

It is my professional job to ensure that your child's time within our care is happy and productive. I offer all the benefits of a nursery in a safe, child-centered home environment, offering a seperate play room and with the added benefit of a multitude of outdoor adult lead activities where your little angels can do their crafts and activiities.  


Playing outdoors is very important in the development for children and to promote this I have a fully enclosed garden to the rear of my home where your child can access when ever they choose with adult supervision.


I offer the Early years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to all children from birth through to starting school, this enables me to ensure that all of the children are developing well in all seven areas of the currculum and to provide extra support in any areas which may require it. I use a vareity of activities throughout the day to ensure that your child is learning and developing to there full potiental, these will include: free play, child led activities, adult led activities and outdoor play. I have a large range of fun and educational resources for your child to play with. As part of the EYFS I will create a profile folder for each child, this will contain all the written and photographic observations I have done of your child, their individual planning sheets and assessment sheets. Our profile folder help both you and myself to see how your child is developing and if any extra support is required.

All children are unique

Every child is unique and I respond and interact in a sensitive way to each child's feelings, ideas and behaviours. I will undertake continuous observational and assesments of each child in my care and which these are recorded on a daily care sheet which you take home each day. The child observation form is inspected by Ofsted to ensure that I am putting the early years foundation stage (EYFS) principles into practice by offering continuous assessments on your child's developments. Parents can view information on how we deliver the EYFS by visiting The Foundation Years website and downloading the "EYFS for Parents" document


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